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`Just be Yourself - & - If People Dont Like It...Well F*cc Them..

Some people are just born with >.Tragerdy.< In thier lives.

~`Lyndsi Nicole`~
21 October
My Name Is Lyndsi and im 15. I got to KHS. I like to have fun and be with my friends..Ive never been to a club. Only cause im too young. I love to go out and party.And I live everyday like its my last. Ive been in 3 fights.And I have been so drunk i dont remember anything more than once.I have been in love twice and my heart broken twice. Ive only been to east coast states.I LOVE r.Kelly and Britney Spears..I have never eatin a whole lemon or pepper..I usually cant stand girls but i have a few good girl friends. Like Jennifer..Ya I LOVE to party with Jen Taylor and Holly.They are just FUN to be around!! :) Ok..Wanna know more? Read My Journal