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`Just be Yourself - & - If People Dont Like It...Well F*cc Them.. [entries|friends|calendar]
~`Lyndsi Nicole`~

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[30 Jan 2005|06:07pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

What up!? N2MH Tiffany just left..Yeah so today i went to walmart with her and got my pics developed..gotta pick em up later!! Yep.So last night i didnt do nothin at all..But thats ok..I dont wanna go to school tomorrow..Im startin to get a jealous bone for Jennifer. Yeah cause all these guys like her and she hangs out with all these people..I wish i could be like that..I wanna be pretty. :( Guess ya cant get what you want..Im jealous of Tiffi too..Ugh..So i havent seen sean once all week. Yep..You know what that means!! =( I cant take it! So does anypone wanna make plans for next weekend..maybe someone i dont hang out with normally..Wanna go somewhere?? Cuz i wanna do new things with new people! YAY! So comment if you wanna get with me next weekend..k im out for now.

The Favorites, Have-You-Evers.. and Last Times! Oh, the variety!

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What is your favorite..
restaurantOlive Garden
drinkmt. dew and screwdrivers
type of weathersnow
thing to do on a half daysleep
late-night activityParty
storeAE..Hollister..Pacsun..Abercrombie..you know
When was the last time you..
criedumm today
played a sportumm last week maybe
laughedlike 10 min ago
hugged someoneyesterday
kissed someoneumm..last weekend
felt depressedtoday
felt elatedhuh
felt overworkedyesterday
faked sickwed.
What was the last..
word you saidHuh?
thing you atechili mac
song you listened tonothing in this world
thing you drankmt.dew
place you went towalmart
movie you sawIn Good Company
movie you rentednapolean dinamye
concert you attendedGeoger Jones..Lol YeeHaww
Who was the last person you..
cried overmy mom
danced withTaylor?? lol and holly
shared a secret withtiffany
had a sleepover withUmm...Lynn i guess
went to a movie withJason and Lynn
were angry withJennifer
couldn't take your eyes off ofumm..Joey lol
obsessed overUm..i dunno
Have you ever..
danced in the rainyeah
kissed someoneyeah
done drugsyeah
drank alcoholyeah
slept aroundno
partied 'til the sun came upya
had a movie marathonno
gone too far on a daremaybe
spun until you were immensely dizzyya
taken a survey quite like this beforeya

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Just a reminder. [17 Jan 2005|02:27pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Well..I was juss lookin at stuff and i thought this was cute..So i thought id use it to remind everyone..... =)

My journal is locked..If youve already been added..you dont need to comment.

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[30 Dec 2004|04:03pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

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[26 Dec 2004|10:55pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Ok..The Time Has Come..Duh Duh Duhhhhhh..lol.. Umm yeah I decided to go *Friends Only.* So..If your not a friend..comment..Even if i dunno you and u juss wanna read my LJ..Comment..I dont have to know ya lol..But if you dont have LJ then..If you really wanna read..you need to get one..Juss a name or somethin not a journal! :) KK..Umm Yep..Ok..Lol..Im done..Imma do this for a couple weeks or somethin..Or days..lol..So maybe i can make new friends or juss some commenters?! Lol.. i may not keep it like this..so keep checkin back if your to lazy to make a LJ account!!! =) Im juss tired of random people readin my journal with out saying anything! so i juss wanna know who allz readin it..even if i dunno you! KK! MuAh! ((I WANT TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS!))

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[25 Dec 2004|11:46pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

i am talkin to the King of crunk..And she just introduced me to the great music of bob marley! He truely is great! im hooked! MuAhHhAhAhAh

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[25 Dec 2004|04:58pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

new favorite songCollapse )

We Belong Together

[25 Dec 2004|12:31pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Merry Christmas!Collapse )

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[24 Dec 2004|11:39pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Well..Tonight me and my mom went around lookin at the lights and came home..so yeah that was all i did today.Seans comin over here in the mornin so he can see me on x*mas.aww..lol..Ya think he may actually like me? Cuz ppl say he only wants one thing..But ive made it clear to him..im not that kinda girl..and he still likes me..and has never even talked about "Sex" to me..So i dunno..Ugh..But ya tomorrow i guess imma wake up..open presents and see Sean and get ready..then go to Jens house for her birthday! =) Oh wow..Sean was askin me if he could buy me somethin else! I was like NO SEAN! lol..But yeah i g2g..Love ya!

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[24 Dec 2004|12:07pm]
[ mood | blah ]

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[23 Dec 2004|11:44pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Hey..Well i just got home a whle ago..Umm.Sean Sonny and Lorryn came and got me. And we went to the mall and Sean bought me a shirt and we played around..Were alot alike..and hes really sweet but i dunno..He spent alot of money on me and hes only known me for like ummmmmmmm 2 weeks..wow..hes in love..JK!!! Umm..Yeah so they brought me home..and yeah..Well he bought me ice cream too! So i gotta buy his present tomarrow! What fun! :) Ok.well imma go now im highly confused.Bye!

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[23 Dec 2004|07:39pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Hey..Whats up?? Well lass night i stayed at jens..Umm Yeah i think her Brother..Joey..Is F*Ing Hot..And i wanna bang him..lmao..But really..He is SEXY one of the hottest guys i know..And i just thought id let everyone know. =) Yeah..But umm..So we chilled and watched babyboy..SeXxXy! and yah..then umm..We went to bed..cody 2wayed me at like 2 am..but i didnt hear it! *Oops* Um..Then today Joey took me and Jen to target and i spent my giftcard..And umm then we went to the mall and i got some super cute clothes..then we came here..I like Sean..He really sweet but everyone tells me he tells everygirl the SAME thing..So i dunno..But hes sweet..Yep So i think him and Sonny are comin over here..But im not sure..So Jacoby likes Jen i think..but she dont like him.So yeah..Im sad cuz my Jen is goin to Arizona sat. so i wont get to see her till the 5th! OMG imma die..I love her so much..People hate..But thats ok..And yeah i may not have known her long but shes one of the best friends ive ever had..and i think no matter what she will always stay true and shes SO fun to hang with..So yeah! But i love my other friends to..But no one ever wants to hang out..or no one askes me to do anything anyways! So..Yeah! Umm..Ok well im outtie now..Ill Holla!

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[23 Dec 2004|07:34pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Pimp LyndsiCollapse )

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HmmOk [22 Dec 2004|01:00pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Hey well..Yesterday was a pretty good day..Sean skipped 3rd per to come into myne cuz we had a sub so that was nice.and yeah i got x*mas presents from some of my friends..Thanks...Even though i fdeel bad cuz i dint have the money to buy anyone anything..yet..but yeah..umm..yea ok.I Called Cody J. Lass night it was nice talkin to him..we talked quit a bit..:\ So yeah i guess were "Friends" now.He was actually bein Nice!! WHOA...well last night i went to Jens..and we chilled then Jacoby and Shi-Town came over lol (Better manda?) and then we like chilled for a bit but they left and then like an hour later they came back and got us and we went ice skating..wow..That truck was crammed! lol.But thats ok..:) Umm yeah so we skated and i seen some ppl..Like Josh R. Brittany D. Courtney G. And other ppl..wow courtney is BeAuTiFuL now..So yeah..we skated and acted real dumb..then we was leavin and Jeremy locked me Jacoby and Jen out..and jen jump on the back of the truck and he took off real fast and she freakin fell so hard..LMAO! Jacoby was like..I THOUGHT YOU WAS DEAD! lol..it was funny..shes all scratched up..cuz she like landed on her back and head lol..then on the way home she kept askin dumb ?'s lol..i was like OMG..You KILLED your brain! Yeah so then we came home and i was super tired so i went to bed! Yeah..So that was that. Fun Night.. :) K.Well imma go get a shower and ish..Peace Cuh

We Belong Together

[20 Dec 2004|04:23pm]
[ mood | imma kill her ]

Hey..Well today..Umm was pretty good! Lets see..um 1st per we juss talked and watched tv..and Me and Jen dressed the same! CUTE HUH!? and umm..Yeah then in 2nd i fell asleep on the wrestling mats until tate got in my face and yelled *PAYNE* ten i woke up and talked to him..and yeah he made my phone french! Cuz he put his number in it..lol and put it all in french and shay had to fix it in 3rd per for me..I love her! Umm..Then in 3rd i worked..and in 4th worked and in lunch..nothin.juss ate and Jacoby was in there..he was bein goofy lol and jen was bein dumb pointin at robbi and sayin YEP HE HAS A SMALL PENIS! it was TOO FUNNY! and then after school Shirah 2wayed me and didnt say nothin then i found out he was gunna take me home..Well imma KILL Lesley! OK! like KILL HER! Were plannin her funeral! She has a big mouth lol.. :) MUAH! Kisses for lesley! But i guess he already knew..Umm..Yeah..So i been readin Mundays journal..Me and her are alot alike.ALOT..but she puts her feelings down an i dont know how to say myne! :\ I admire her..lol..Umm.Well i g2g cuz Chi-Town and Ian and Some one else is comin over peace

15 ♥ We Belong Together

[19 Dec 2004|12:28pm]
[ mood | devious ]

Howdie! Umm well lets see..Yesterday me and Jen got or pics done again..we got 2 poses but i like one better than the other! I think ill get more made..there REALLY CUTE! Umm then i talked to Some ppl..and then i came home and Shirah Jacoby Logan and Steven came and got me and we was supposed to go ice skating..But when we got there it was like closed..so then we went to get Jacoby some money..and then we went to the movies but we couldnt stay cuz it was too late..so we went to Chuck E. Cheese..And played some games..Oh..And then at the movies Chelsee met us there..and yeah so she came with us..then we went to the mall. And me and Chelsee went and looked around on our own..and then at like 9 we left and went to Logans..Yeah then we came home! My dad was waitin outside for me lmao. So i was like OMG HALL ASS! lol..ANd me and Jacoby had to switch seats real fast..so yeah..then tiffany called me cryin.. :( It made me sad! Then umm..i went to bed at like 1 and woke up like at 10 today..and cleaned my room.I didnt go to no partys this weekend! kinda sucked but yeah..im ok lol.Tonight me Jen and my parents are goin to the ZOO! WOW lmao! Umm But yeah until i can scan these heres one of the pics of me and jen.cute huhCollapse )

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[18 Dec 2004|02:17pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Hey..Well yesterday..Umm..Yeah Jen came home with me and we went to the mal and got our pics done..But they really aint cute..So were doin em again today or someime tomrrow..And then Dan and Robby came up there..and we hung out a lil while..Kaylerz was there ♥ Ya...and then yeah..i gota new antenna for my phone and we was gunna go to the movies but it was like 8 so we juss went to the movies to see what times the movies start..and we kinda got in an *Accident* lol..and ran. So yeah then we went to Jens..then we left to go to blockbuster..got a game and a movie..and came back but i hurt Robby on accident and he pissed me off so i started hitin him i was REALLY mad.And he was like SHES DAMN CAT WOMEN UP THERE!.And yeah so i juss went in jens room and talked to David on the phone. And then at like 10 i went and layed down with all them and watched the movie and juss thought about alot of shit..and kinda fell asleep. Yeah i realy wish i had a b/f to take me out and go places with and just chill with..then at 10:30 we left and dan brought me and Jen back here. So i came here and we was sitten there and Jacoby 2wayed me talkin about some dumb shit lol..So then i went to sleep..And then today i got in a *Spiff* lol mandaz..with my mommy..and she left. So yeah..Hmm..I wanna go ice skating tonight..cuz i havent been in a while and i wanna juss go somewhere. :\ I think Currie wanted to go with me so we MAY do that.. :) I hope she calls me..Jennifer is here but she is sick.. :( Its sad.. I love her! Well i g2g...OH YEA..Yesterday we seen a squirell in the rabbit cage in my yard and went to save it and when we finally got it it bit the shit outta me and tryed to jump in jens face lol..it was soooo funny!
Isnt Eminem just SOOOOO nice?? Lol...Seems angry huh...
You still love me?
Take this [2 guns cock]
You ready? 1..2..3! [2 shots]

The more you put me through
The more it makes me wanna come back to you
You say you hate me, I just love you more
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I know it's sad but it's makin' me happy
The more that you slap me, the more that it turns me on
Cuz you love me and I love you more

[Verse 1]
It's sick,but who could ever predict
We'd be doin' the same shit
We say we do it for our baby but we don't
We do it for us,it's lust
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So we fuck 'til we bust
Then we cuss each other,out
We know what it's about
Shout 'til I throw you out the house
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Punch you in the mouth
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Laughter,pain,it's insane
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When I'm layin' here wiyh you
There ain't nothin' anyone could ever say ever do

The more you put me through
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I buy you flowers, you throw 'em at me
I know it's sad but it's makin' me happy
The more that you slap me, the more it turns me on
Cuz you love me and I love you more

[Verse 2]
Cuz I hate you,do you hate me?
Good cuz you're so fuckin' beautiful when you're angry
It makes me wanna just take you
And just throw you on the bed
And fuck you like I don't even know you
You fuck other and I fuck other people
You a slut but I'm equal, I'm a mutt
We're both evil in our ways
But neither one of us would ever admit it
Cuz one of us would have one up on the other
So forget it
We can make accusations, people spread rumors
But they ain't got proof
'Til they do it's just the two of us
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But you gotta believe me to a degree
Cuz if you didn't I wouldn't be hittin' it
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If I ran who would I run to
That would be this soft and warm
So it's off and on, usually more off than on
But at least we know that we share this common bond
You're the only one I can fuck without a condom on
I hope, the only reason that I cope
Is cuz of that fact
And plus I can bust in that
And that's why...

The more you put me through
The more it makes me wanna come back to you
You say you hate me, I just love you more
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I know it's sad but it's makin' me happy
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[Verse 3]
I could never understand it
That's why I don't try
From junior high until we both die
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You did last time
You wouldn't screw up
This time
Cuz this time girl
I'm tellin' you what
You do it again I'm fuckin' you up
No matter what...

What you say, what you do
I'ma hunt you down til' I find you
No matter where you run, I'll be right there
Right behind you, in your nightmares
All the flowers and the candy
All the times that you threw it back at me
You say you hate me, you gon' hate me more
When you find out you can't escape me whore

The more you put me through
The more it makes me wanna come back to you
You say you hate me, I just love you more
You don't want me, I just want you more
I buy you flowers, you throw 'em at me
I know it's sad but it's makin' me happy
The more that you slap me, the more that it turns me on
Cuz you love me and I love you more
^^Does Anyone know why hes soooo angry^^^

4 ♥ We Belong Together

[15 Dec 2004|07:56pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Well i got my phone back..which is good i guess..Well i suppose tonight is ending..badly. Im tired of rumors..It seems like people juss wanna ruin my day and make me feel like shyt..I mean is that juss some ppls hobbiez? I guess it is. But yeah im done..I duno what imma do but imma do somethin to take my mind off this

We Belong Together

[15 Dec 2004|05:46pm]
[ mood | content ]

Hey..Whats up...NMH Juss chillin and talkin to some ppl..Well actually now juss Val..Cuz..MUNDAY LEFT ME! OMG! :( imma cry..J/K And yeah so today was pretty GREAT..ppl kept tellin me how cute i looked..I felt so loved. Oh.Now im talkin to MaNdErZ! Umm So yeah..In 1st i talked to Jen and in 2nd i umm...nothing..Juss sat in the gym and talked to Chad and Glen..In 3rd i did work and slept and wrote Sean..And then in 4th..i was super hyper.So yeah.Then after school i was on the bus and then Lynn got on like *you Wanna ride with Jose?* So im like Yeah..and me and Teresa go! And yeah..We go to get gas and it took like 15 min to pump 6.00 of gas! WTF! Hahahaha..And yeah..So i didnt get home till like 2:30.Then Sean called askin me to go to the game with him..But he never called me back so im not goin! Yeah alot of ppl tell me stuff about him.. :( UGH!!!..O well.i aint loookin for a guy..Cuz either they screw me over or someone else likes them..So w/e one will find me! :) Umm so yeah i didnt get my phone today..I get it tomarrow..But ill be at Jens..Oh well..Ill get it when i get home.Hmm Ok Well im out now..K Love you! Lyndsi

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Umm..Yeah [14 Dec 2004|07:01pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Hey..Well today was alright i guess..It was super cold.Umm in 1st i did work..and in 2nd did a bunch of work..in 3rd had a test..And in 4th worked kinda..Besides that..I guess rumors still goin.But i mean im not gunna let it keep gettin me down..Cuz at least ppl thinkin about me! Its a shame that there so many haters out there..Hmm oh well.After school i rode home with Jen and Joey..Then we got there and chilled..and then i helped her make a s/n and ish..HAHA *BadBoys2!* ANd *LilFlip* HAHAHA! Omg tooooooo funny. And then Robbie came over and we all talked and played XBOX...Umm..So then i left and went to the tannin bed.Robbie seems so nice to her. Shes Lucky..Shes freakin pretty with a great guy. Jacob is supposed to be askin out Manda today.I hope he does..Its about time.She really loves him. I wanna go home with Jen again..Its better than bein home alone all day. So yeah..Lol after school we was in Joeys car listenin to some oldies song and chase got in the back on me and like started messin with me..It was so funny. But yeah i guess im outtie.I hope tomarrow is good too. Oh i heard Tate was tellin ppl crap but iasked him and he said that he told everyone we didnt do nothin.Some one is lyin.. Its weird huh? But ok..Bye

We Belong Together

[13 Dec 2004|09:12pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Well..My mom ordered me a new cell phone..Its a i730..And now i dont want it..AT ALL! i wanna i710..i hate making descions..I would want it if i could change the cover..But my mom said i cant.But silvers UGLY! And like guys have them..Ugh.I want my phone back. Bad..But yeah..I juss got off tha phone with Jen..i guess im goin home with her tomarrow. I dunno whats wrong with me. :\ Im like sick..And keep falling asleep and caughing..I guess cuz im so upset and crap..Jeeze..I dont wanna i730 lol.. :( but yeah i guess ill ttyl.. Peace..

2 ♥ We Belong Together

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